Complete Brake Service, front and rear

Disc, Drum, Antilock


Power Brakes



Master Cylinders, Wheel Clyinders

Fluids, lines


When it is important to stop

Your Round Rock Muffler and Automotive mechanics are experts at keeping your brakes in peak working condition.  That's important.  Because sometimes you need to stop.  

We take our brakes for granted but they're really remarkable, stopping a 3000 pound vehicle quickly and often.  

To the right of this page we've provided a link to an AC Delco video giving you an idea of just how remarkable your brakes are, and how they work.  And what can go wrong. The video ends recommending that brake inspection be a regular part of your vehicle's ongoing maintenance.  (Click on the arrow to view the video.)

Regular inspection - that's where we come in.  And repairs as needed - brake pads, hoses, hydraulics - whatever is needed, we're here to help.

AC Delco Video Showing How Brakes Work – Click on the arrow to view the video