VSFL-US.R3.inddIs your Check Engine light on?  Car not running right?  Making a funny noise?  Our ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certified mechanics and state-of-the-art full service diagnostics will find the problem – and most of the time be able to make repairs.

We have the equipment to read you vehicle on-board computer to determine why the check-engine light is on.  We can reset the light and advise you on your repair options.

More than a muffler shop…

Much more. We started specializing in mufflers, and we’re still the go-to shop for custom muffler installations, but we’re also a full-service automotive repair shop.

From simple maintenance to major overhauls, we do it all. We’re flexible, willing to install parts you have purchased elsewhere.  We honor all kinds of extended warranty contracts and fleet service plans.

The  list of our services above is not comprehensive.  If you have a concern not mentioned on the list, give us a call at 512-255-9443.  We may be able to help.

Free Services

  • We will scan your engine computer and advise you of the findings, Free. Note the computer scan does not provide a complete diagnostic.  The codes indicate what engine system is being affected.  We will be happy to suggest a proper course of action.
  • We always check your fluid levels and tire pressure, Free
  • We will do a preliminary air conditioning check.  If Freon is needed, an air conditioning service will be suggested
  • Our suspension system check-out fee is waived if the suggested repair work is performed
  • Our brake system check-out fee is waived if the suggested repair work is performed
  • We will be happy to perform a visual inspection of any vehicle, Free.  However, if components need to be removed or systems tested to properly evaluate the issue in question, there will be a charge for that service.