More than just comfort

Shocks and vehicle suspension affect the comfort of your ride, but their greater importance is control. Safety.  The diagram below, courtesy of KYB World Class Shocks & Struts,  gives you an overview of what is involved in keeping you in control of your vehicle.


You can learn a lot more by visiting KYB’s website – they provide lots of information, including some well done videos.  Visit KYB’s Website
Round Rock Muffler and Automotive professionals can diagnose and repair any suspension problems.  Assuring your safety and comfort.



Eight Symptoms of Worn Shocks

Nose dive
Body roll
Ride harshness
Acceleration squat
Traction loss
Tire cupping
These symptoms may signal a need for new shocks, but may signify other issues.  Worn or defective tires can cause symptoms similar to some of these.  Round Rock Muffler and Automotive professionals can identify what is really going on, and handle appropriate repair.