Tune Up

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Fuel Filter
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Breather Filter
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Idle Speed O2 Mixture

“Tune up” is an idea that has changed as cars have changed.  Cars built in the 1980’s and before had lots of mechanical parts that could get out of adjustment and required “tuning” or replacement.  Modern day cars have replaced things like ignition points with electrical and computer controls.  Even spark plugs have change to long-life design.

But manufacturer promises of 100,000 no-tune-up performance can be misleading.  Things go wrong, even on modern cars.  Some parts get worn, like belts for example. A tune up today generally involves checking and replacement of filters – air, fuel, breather filters.  And checking wires and hoses and belts and fluids.

Fortunately, Round Rock Muffler and Automotive mechanics have kept up with the changes.  We know how to tune up older vehicles and analyze performance issues on newer.

If you ask for a tune-up, we’ll ask some questions to help pinpoint what symptoms you’re experiencing and we’ll help you decide exactly what is appropriate today – repair or just maintenance.

What is a Tune-up?

Here’s a link to an article by Autotap.com, giving you a little background information on tune-ups, today and in the past.

What is a Tune-up Today?